WordPress is Quite Vulnerable

WordPress is a host to 34% to 37% of total websites. This makes it a healthy target for hackers as it holds tons of data of such a large number of websites. WordPress is not the safest choice for CMS purposes.

Is WordPress Safe?

WordPress is a host to 34% to 37% of all websites. This makes it a popular target for hackers as it holds tons of data of such a large number of websites. WordPress is not the safest choice for CMS purposes.

WordPress vulnerabilities in numbers:

  1. There are a total of 2837 vulnerabilities in WordPress.
  2. 75% in plugins
  3. 14% in core WordPress
  4. 11% in WordPress themes

These figures are scary enough to make you worry about the safety and security of your website and tons of data stored in your domains managed by WordPress.


  • WordPress core vulnerabilities

At a cyber-security conference held in Manchester, attendees expressed their worries over the issues of WordPress core vulnerabilities stating that PHP as a core functioning system of WordPress is vulnerable leaving the whole system compromised. They said that the bugs permit hackers to enter the system.

  • Plugin vulnerabilities

WordPress statistics revealed that 54% to 55.9% of all attacks can be sourced through plugins. Plugins are widely used in WordPress. Over 25000 plugins are available for free to WordPress users and some users also use pirated plugins to get free services of premium plugins compromising security.

GeekBee WordPress hosting prefers only safe plugins to avoid security breaches.

  • File inclusion attack

This occurs when you try to load a remote file through a vulnerable code. This allows hackers to breach the security of the website and enter into it. Once they have entered they can get access to your whole website which leaves the whole system at risk. They can even use your website to locate more vulnerable and weak targets.

  •  HTTP based website

We all know that WordPress is a HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) based website. HTTP is a data transport protocol that allows data to move between the servers of WordPress and some random client who is visiting or buying something from your website in an unencrypted way. This means if a hacker hacks it he can simply read your data as it was moving as plain text.

But GeekBee.com does not compromise on the core issue of security. It uses an encrypted method for data movement.

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)

About 84% of total cyber-attacks on the internet are through XSS. It works like this, the attacker finds a volunteer to open webpages through insecure JavaScript scripts for him. These scripts load without the consent and knowledge of the visitor and then steal information from the browser. This is a very common sort of cyber-attack on the internet.

GeekBee.com is founded on a very strong and responsive security system that is well managed and regularly updated to keep it impeccable.

  • Final thoughts

WordPress is a widely used platform for CMS and hosts a large number of websites. It helps developers to develop their websites and businesses with various tools.