Semi-finished and unreliable WordPress plugins

No doubt these plugins add lots of colours to your websites but they come with certain limitations and several aspects need to be focussed when using these plugins.


The use of WordPress plugins

WordPress is a famous CMS platform. WordPress allows you to install and use a large number of plugins on your domains. Plugins are add-ons to already installed software. These are added for special purposes that original software cannot perform.

No doubt these plugins add lots of colors to your websites but they come with certain limitations and we need to focus on several aspects when using them.


  • Security

According to data published by cyber-security firm WordFence on the 5th of May  2020. A group of hackers tried to hack over 1 Million WordPress websites. They attacked from 24000 IP addresses. Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) plugin Easy2Map accounted for more than half of the attacks. Such circumstances are created when users don’t operate the plugins with recommended settings or don’t update them regularly. So keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date to avoid such complications.

  • Developers support!

There was a case a user of WordPress mentioned facing a problem when he installed a plugin but then the developer could not provide support at the time due to health issues.  Although the developer refunded him, he was stuck and still had the same problem as he had before. This is one of the reasons you should be very precise when you select plugins.

Therefore GeekBee could be a smart choice as we prefer to use stable plugins.

  • Losing control

When users install and use free or paid plugins for their websites, they are actually losing a part of control of their website to that particular developer by relying on their plugin. In such cases, a huge part of your business is in the hands of that developer. If the plugin fails or the developer quits the support then your whole website will look like rubbish and the loss will be inevitable. Therefore try to go for stable plugins and the ones with good reviews and a lot of downloads.

  • Plugin for plugin

Sometimes WordPress plugins are unfinished and unreliable, they demand you to install plugins for plugins. You will end up using hundreds of plugins compromising the safety and speed of your site. So do proper homework before going for a specific plugin. List what you need from the plugin and then search for the best option, check its download statistics and reviews. Only go for it if you are truly satisfied.

  • Conflict with each other

Due to unfinished coding and large numbers of installed plugins you can have compatibility issues causing your site to slow down or it can even crash if two plugins are interfering with each other too much. Some users don’t carry out proper research before installing plugins. Usually, they are using 100 plugins instead of using one that can substitute for all one hundred plugins due to its diverse functionality.

How to select WordPress plugins?

Be very careful in selecting plugins and consider the following steps in the selection of plugins:

  1. Research
    Do proper research before finalizing a specific plugin.
  2. Test the plugin first
    Before you install it on your website first test it.
  3. Check if it is blacklisted
    Check the transparency and reliability of the plugin.
  4. Make sure the version of the plugin fits your needs
    Several versions of a single plugin are available. You should know your requirements for the plugin and choose the version accordingly.