No more data loss – Version Control in WordPress

If you are a seasoned developer, you know that how important a database is? But as a simple user you should know that database is the building block of every bit of your site.

GeekBee WordPress hosting offers real-time version control for WordPress sites

Let’s start by discussing a scenario where you have multiple developers working on your WordPress site. Each developer has a very critical task to perform; each developer is trying to develop a masterpiece. They’re all doing their best. Everything seems to be going well except when one of them makes a mistake. What happened is that the developer made a terrible mistake, and now your whole site is compromised, its design is broken, your visitors are seeing broken pages or receiving some 404 or 5xx errors.

Just because of this one unintentional mistake, the job well done by other developers all goes to waste and the most important thing, your website, is now not presentable to your clients and visitors. This is the thing; this is the time every website owner fears the most. Your live website is no more usable, your potential clients are now going to your rivals and you start losing your search engine rankings.

Believe me, this happens more often than you think. Believe me, this is normal but believe me, this is not acceptable. So what to do when you are in such a situation.

GeekBee WordPress Hosting:

We offer WordPress hosting for a reason. WordPress is a leader in its field and for a good reason too. WordPress itself is a versatile CMS; it can handle such situations and be prepared to lose hours or weeks’ worth of work. How? With WordPress, you can revert to the last working version of your site, but that previous working state might be very old, and you may have come a long way from that point already.

WordPress has, by default, two types of version control for pages and posts. As soon as you publish a page or a post, any subsequent changes you make to it are stored on top of the first version and it allows you to revert back to any version that you like.

It works excellent for pages and posts, but we are not dealing with those always. What about the backend database? Or the media files like pictures, and videos. Those once deleted are gone. And what happens once you change a theme or even delete it? That’s where GeekBee’s specialized version control solutions come into play.

GeekBee’s Version Control:

Geekbee offers some very unique version control systems. First and foremost, Geekbee will always keep a backup of your site. But that’s not just it.


GeekBee’s GIT version control:

GitHub is the world’s leading system for version control. Hundreds of thousands of developers can work simultaneously on a single project but you have full control over any change. Over a single dot that gets added, it can be highlighted, added, reverted, and attributed to its developer and writer. By using our state-of-the-art system, you can access your repository and make changes, accept changes or ignore any changes that were being made at any point in time. At Geekbee, we offer a very easy-to-understand web user interface that anyone can use. All the changes that are made to your test site or visible to you on a timeline you can see the changes at a glance and when you click on the change you will be able to see when that change was made if it was being committed or ignored. If you want to see the effect of that change you can temporarily see that if you like it you can commit it and if you don’t like it you can revert it, this is how simple but at the same time powerful our version control is.


GeekBee’s MySQL version control:


If you are a seasoned developer, you know that how important a database is? But as a simple user, you should know that database is the building block of every bit of your site. It is the database that stores your login information, it is the database that holds your precious email lists and also the credit card information that your buyers choose to save on your site. It is the database that helps keep your site together.

Geekbee understands how important it is and therefore we offer MySQL Version Control. As far as we know, GeekBee is the only Premium WordPress hosting that offers MySQL version control.


Why GeekBee is Better than any other WordPress Hosting?


Geekbee is a new standard in the world of WordPress hosting. By choosing to use GeekBee’s exceptionally powerful WordPress hosting you can be sure of:


  •       Ability to handle extremely high traffic spikes
  •       Ability to handle very high constant traffic
  •       Never pay extra for resources you do not use
  •       Pay Only for extra resources when you need them and when you utilize them
  •       Access to our state-of-the-art test site architecture
  •       Ability to stay aware of the version in use
  •       Ability to switch back to any version using Git, Backups, MySQL version control and WordPress’s own version control.
  •       Priority support and peace of mind.


If you still have any questions, schedule a call with us or send us an email. We are here to help you rule the internet and crush the competition.