The 4 Most Underrated WordPress Plugins

There are so many plugins out there that make the whole WP experience an awesome one. Some plugins are very highly rated and very popular, but some of them aren’t that much appreciated.

The most underrated plugins for WordPress

There are so many plugins out there that make the whole WP experience an awesome one. Some plugins are very highly rated and very popular, but some of them aren’t appreciated that much. Below is a collection of the 4 most underrated WordPress plugins that are very useful and a lot better than the competition.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Although there is no denying the powers of Yoast SEO when it comes to search engine optimization, it is not the only option. There are at least two hidden gems coming to light. We are talking about none other than SEO 2020 by Squirrly and Rank Math.

These two plugins have almost everything that Yoast SEO Premium has to offer for Free. Let’s explore these plugins some more.

#1 SEO 2020 by Squirrly


Squirrly comes loaded with features. They claim to have an automated AI-based assistant that provides guidance like a human will but for free. Their claim that this plugin is designed for the non-SEO based personnel is not far from reality. This plugin offers:

  •       Zero Click Installation.
  •       Pre-configured JSON and Schema markup.
  •       Automation features like semantic definition.
  •       Complete Google Analytics complete.
  •       No-Index option for posts that you choose.
  •       Robots.txt complete management
  •       Enhanced sitemaps including videos, images, Google news and more.
  •       Rich Pins, including Social Media cards.

We just scratched the surface here. There are so many features that make this our top recommended plugin.

#2 Rank Math – SEO Plugin for WordPress


The second best, but one of the most underrated plugins is Rank Math. Just like Squirrly it comes with a Setup Wizard. This wizard makes configuring the plugin and setting up SEO very easy. In addition to this, you can have as many keywords configured for a single page or post as you like. Unlike Yoast Free where you can have only one keyword configured. Following are some of the highlights of this underrated WordPress plugin:

  •       Easy to use setup wizard.
  •       Rich Snippets Configuration.
  •       Unlimited Keywords for a page or a post
  •       Shows you Google’s Keyword Ranking Data
  •       Comes with LSI Tool
  •       Built-in search console integration
  •       Option to add your logo on to social images
  •       Modular Systems
  •       Smart Redirection and 404 Monitor

In short, the above mentioned two underrated Search Engine Optimization WordPress plugins have everything you need and all that for free.

Website Speed Optimization Plugins:

Speed is one of the most important factors for webmasters. You need your site to load as fast as possible and also good speed is a search engine ranking factor as well. The speed optimization plugins use different methods to serve your site a lot faster than it would do so using the same server resources while reducing the load time as well.

#3 WP Performance Score Booster


This underrated WordPress plugin has some of the best speed optimization solutions packed into it. It can make your pages load faster without overloading your server. Below are some of the features of WP Performance Score Booster:

  •       Leverages Browser cashing.
  •       Removes query strings that slows down your pages.
  •       It will enable gzip compression.
  •       This plugin preloads pages on mouse hover. This way if a visitor is about to click a link the page will appear to load much faster because it had been loaded way before the actual click.

The best thing about this plugin is its ease of usage and configuration and that it is regularly updated. All you have to do is install the plugin and forget about it. However, there are options to turn specific preferences on or off.

#4 Flying Pages by WP Speed Matters


Some servers may respond erroneously if some functions enabling speed optimization are not configured correctly. It may break your site; it may not appear as it should, or it may not even load some resources at all. Flying Pages by WP Speed Matters offers an innovative solution where no complex configurations are required.

Flying Pages loads your site’s pages before a user clicks on them. This process is called pre-loading. Flying Pages is very intelligent when it comes to pre-loading, for instance it can load pages that are within a specific viewport and more. Here are some of this plugin’s features:

  •       This plugin will preload any links that are in view.
  •       It can also preload links that are under your mouse pointer.
  •       At the same time this plugin doesn’t overload your server.
  •       It can sense if your server is busy and halt preloading if it is overloaded for any reason.
  •       This plugin can sense the visitor’s connection speed and halt preloading if the user has a slower connection.


As a website owner, we understand your needs. We picked the most underrated but very useful plugins for you. Our selected 4 most underrated WordPress plugins help you rank better and speed up your site and these are two of the most important things you need once you launch your site. Give these plugins a chance; you won’t regret it.