How long will the WordPress monopoly last?

WordPress was launched as a blogging platform; now it is used to host large eCommerce stores, job portals and even medical laboratories are using WordPress.

What is WordPress?

Arguably one of the best and most widely used CMS is WordPress. Since its launch on May 27, 2003, WordPress has come a long way. One of the reasons for WordPress’s popularity is its safety features, while the other equally important reason is that it is kept up to date. WordPress was launched as a blogging platform; now it is used to host large eCommerce stores, job portals and even medical laboratories are using WordPress.

WordPress is open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to making it even better. On top of that, it is extremely customizable. Tens of thousands of themes and plugins help WordPress virtually offer everything that you are looking for. Free themes and plugins are what makes it a favorite for newcomers. WordPress is free. A large number of WordPress themes and plugins are also free and if you require something very unique, you can have a custom theme or plugin built for that.

WordPress is easy to handle:

When compared to other content management systems, WordPress is very easy to configure and use. Anyone with a knowledge of using computers can easily set up a WordPress site. In addition to ease of operation, hosting solutions like GeekBee offer a wizard-based installation and configuration of WordPress sites. This makes it even easier. We can confidently say that if you know how to use Microsoft Word and install software on your computer, you can use WordPress. Additionally, the resources on how to use, configure and successfully run a WordPress site are in abundance all over the Internet. There are video tutorials, blog posts, communities, and groups ready to help you – most of them for free!


WordPress is keeping up with the demand:

A large number of Internet users are using their phones for surfing and browsing websites. Mobile phones come in different sizes and their display dimensions vary a lot. If your website is not responsive, it will not adapt to various screen sizes and appear broken on some displays. That means you will start losing visitors and buyers. Realizing this fact, WordPress became responsive on time, leaving other CMS’s behind. When it came to adapting HTML5, again, WordPress was the first to offer compatibility. WordPress is always there to provide compatibility, whether we are talking about HTTPS or screen sizes.


WordPress and Search Engine Optimization:

Whether you accept it or not, if you want to crush your competition and score organic traffic, you need to focus more on SEO than on marketing. Yes, marketing will bring you instant traffic, but SEO will keep you on top of the competition. Organic visitors are the most precious kind of visitors. They have already decided what they want, all you need to do is sell your product to them and when you end up on top of search results, about 70% of your work is done. WordPress offers the best SEO solutions. Everything is there, from built-in sitemaps to Schema compatibility to snippet support, and it is easier for anyone to configure.


WordPress can handle high traffic:

WordPress, by default, can handle any traffic you send its way. It won’t freeze, nor will it let you down; however, your server may give up.

WordPress is compatible with GeekBee’s automatic scaling system. It is one of the kinds of systems that give you additional resources when needed to handle high traffic spikes. You do not get charged for the resources that you do not use, but if you need them and when you need them, the resources are there.

So, to answer the question How long will the WordPress monopoly last? As long as WordPress keeps doing what they have been doing since 2003, it is going to stay and run the show. Meaning, if they keep the CMS up to date with current technologies and demand and keep on securing it against the newest threats, it will keep on wearing the crown.


  • WordPress is user-friendly
  • WordPress is secure
  • WordPress is up to date
  • WordPress is free
  • WordPress is fast
  • WordPress is search engine friendly
  • WordPress is easy to migrate
  • WordPress can adapt to new demands and technologies
  • WordPress is going to last for a long, long time.