GeekBee LAN Parties

This blog post will be a little bit different now. It’s the holidays, Christmas and stuff, I don’t need to explain, you all know how it goes.

GeekBee WordPress hosting hosts LAN parties too.

This blog post will be a little bit different now. It’s the holidays, Christmas and stuff, I don’t need to explain, you all know how it goes. All the bees are flying around the Christmas tree and eating as much gingerbread as possible, but let’s not talk about Christmas, because you probably have seen dozens of ads about it already anyway. Let’s talk about something else, something that is as important to us as Christmas gifts to the kids, and that is Gaming more specifically LAN parties in the office.


Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, we can’t host LAN parties now, but I remember when I had my very first in 2019 at GeekBee. It was such a huge event for me at the time because as a kid and only child, I always loved the idea of playing together. So before starting to write this GeekBee story I asked my team-leader and friend, Eduard, when was the first LAN party and what was it like?


He told me they started hosting LAN parties in 2018. In the beginning, they started playing right after work. A quick coffee, setting up the computers and they were on to business right until the sun came up. At the time they barely made a squad, only four people. Not enough for a League of Legends game, but it was not an issue, they had fun anyway.


As time went by, more and more people started to work at GeekBee, some were geeks and some were not. It’s like one prefers vodka and the other prefers whiskey. Eventually, the number of geeks in the company started to grow, with me included.

How do we have fun at GeekBee LAN parties?

My first LAN party was freakin’ awesome. We had played games like COD2, Left 4 Dead, League of Legends, Killing Floor, ReVolt, plus some others too. We ordered a bunch of pizzas and grabbed a couple of beers and had fun. Invitation only and mostly guys.

Back in time, we were able to stay up all night playing video games, but as time passed by while we were having LAN parties, we grew a bit older too. So we decided to start the fun in the morning and keep going until the evening. Like that, we had not felt like we were hit by a bus by the end of the event. Trust me, it was better this way and we were also more active.


We also decided to upgrade some key points of our events. Some brought their PS4, also VR games, and we added shot rounds to the beers we bought.


New games are constantly added to our lists as well. Like COD: Warzone, Rainbow Six: Siege, Among Us, ohh, and Beat Saber, of course.


So boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, warriors and mages, more or less this is how we have fun at GeekBee. We hope the pandemic is over soon and we can conquer the online battlegrounds together again, sitting side by side. Until then…. well, we are sitting next to the Christmas tree opening presents and waiting for Half-Life 3 to be announced.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.