Backup & Restoring Solutions for WordPress

There are many Backup & Restoring Solutions for WordPress. From free to paid to bundled with your hosting package. All designed to protect your work and your website.

What’s the best backup solution for WordPress websites?

As a webmaster, website owner, web administrator, what is your biggest fear? You or someone from your team breaking your live website! Even thinking about this scenario gives me chills, and I have goosebumps all over my body. This is such a horrible situation which I don’t wish even to my top competitor.

Let me tell you the truth, if not today, then tomorrow or the following week, this is going to happen. The only difference will be whether you are prepared for it or not? Stuff happens. You might install a plugin that will clash with other plugins or themes and cause your site to fail, or maybe some malware in a free or paid plugin will compromise your site. A hacker attack might render your site useless, or you, yes, you might do something, unintentionally, and break your site.

Luckily there are many Backup & Restoring Solutions for WordPress. From free to paid to bundled with your hosting package. All designed to protect your work and your website.


Stick around, and we will tell you how the unique features of GeekBee WordPress hosting have your back.

Let’s dig in and find out how can you protect your site and bring it back to life.

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Updraft Plus:

Before being introduced to GeekBee’s unique and awesome backup features, I installed Updraft Plus as one of the first plugins on all my WordPress websites. This is a perfect plugin having everything you will ever need when it comes to backing up your site.

There is a free and paid version of the Updraft Plus plugin, each equally packed with features to help backup and restore your site.

This plugin essentially has one click backup functionality. It gives you the option to mark one backup to keep it permanently which will never get overwritten. I use this feature every time I am sure the changes, I made are the ones I want to keep and that my site is running smoothly.

While the auto backup and delete feature is helpful in its own way. It backs up your site on a predetermined schedule and will delete one previous backup for every new backup it makes, also known as incremental backup.

You can restore your site to its previous glory either as a whole or only the database, theme, plugin or uploads separately. Updraft Plus can send the backup files to any cloud storage you wish.

Premium Updraftplus price is set to $70 per year for 2 sites with agency and enterprise plans available as well.


Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin:

At the time of writing this, Duplicator has over a million active installations. Although it is primarily meant to be used to transfer your site from one hosting to the other or use it to migrate your site to and from the staging area, it can reliably back up all your files and folders and restore when needed.

It can run on a schedule and send your backups to remote storage. Personally I use this plugin as an easy alternative to Updraft Plus, because with Updraft Plus you will need an active and working WordPress installation to retrieve and restore your file while with Duplicator you can restore your website onto an empty and blank server.

The Pro version of Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin costs $69 for up to 3 sites with business and gold packages available too.


This plugin is a work of art. Although most of its unique features are available to Pro (paid) users, the free version also has lots of quirks and features. It can save your site when you or someone else messes it up completely. It can restore your backed up files and test and check your database for errors and restore it if needed. Besides that, it can optimize your database as well.

If you are a Pro version user, you can restore your site with just a few clicks using its standalone app. It’s easy, and it’s reliable, that’s all we have to say about it.

The standard price for BackWPup Pro is $69, while there are other plans such as Supreme and Agency available too.


This is a fancy backup solution for your WordPress website. This is not just a plugin; it works as Software as a Service. BlogVault saves your backups offsite and will not overload your servers.

Although it is a paid-only solution, it backs up your site daily and makes incremental backups of your website on its own servers. If your site ever goes down, you can choose from the backups of 90 days to restore it, or if you have purchased higher tiers, you can restore it from any of the backups stored for up to 365 days.

The pricing for BlogVault is a little complicated. It costs $89 annually, and you can archive your backups for 90 days with this plan. So many other plans are available as well.

GeekBee Hosting Backup and Restore Solutions:

In addition to offer the most reliable, fastest and scalable hosting solution, GeekBee offers version control for your entire website. It takes backups of your website and stores it on their reliable servers. You can go back a single day or a whole month if you need to.

Instead of relying on plugins to do the job for you, try switching to GeekBee and you will never have to worry about your site going down ever again.