Best CRM solutions for WordPress

CRM or Customer Relationship Manager is a software or service that you will (eventually) need. Managing 5-10 clients per month is easy, but when this number grows to 5-10 clients per day, that is where the importance of a good CRM comes into play.

What’s the best CRM for WordPress?


Since you are already looking for CRMs, and maybe that’s why you stumbled across this post, I will not go into many details of what CRM actually is; however, for those who are new to the concept and need some educating, let me tell you a few things about CRM.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. This is the software or service that you will (eventually) need. Managing 5-10 clients per month is easy, but when this number grows to 5-10 clients per day, that is where the importance of a good CRM comes into play.

Good customer service and timely customer dealings (and responses) will always set you apart from your competition. CRM not only helps you manage your contacts but also helps you streamline customer dealings. You will be able to locate an order status, a customer’s previous queries, details about their dealings, and even how to address the client properly. These are all those tiny details that turn business dealings into business relationships.

This post is yet another acknowledgment of the diversity and usefulness of WordPress. It is so diverse that it can even handle the most complex and demanding features of CRMs. Let’s discuss some of the Best CRM solutions for WordPress.

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Jetpack CRM

Jetpack is owned by Automattic, which is the parent company of WordPress, and many valuable solutions that WP has to offer, including WooCommerce. I rarely start my list with a paid option, but this one is so impressive that I had to pull it to the top of this list of Best CRM solutions for WordPress.

Jetpack CRM offers everything you would expect from an excellent CRM. From managing contacts to emails, reminders, intra-company communications, follow-ups and seamless integrations with other plugins, it has everything (quite literally).

It also offers a separate section for Business-to-Business relationships and has integration solutions with almost all leading customer-oriented platforms like Aweber, Google contacts, PayPal, Stripe, and Mailchimp, to name a few.

Although it is a paid solution, it isn’t as expensive as others. If you plan to run it on a single site, you can either go for an $11 or $17 per month subscription plan, or if you are a reseller, it can cost you as low as $5.40 per month.


WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning, or WP ERP in short, is the only solution you will ever need. Whether you own an online store, offer customer support, you are an agency or even an accounting firm. This enterprise solution offers so many free solutions that it seems too good to be true, and I had to double-check if it is really true – by the way, it is True.

WP ERP covers the HRM, CRM, and accounting parts of your business. Since we are talking about CRM only, it has all the bells and whistles in its free tier, while others are charging a lot of money for those features. You can create contacts and contact groups; you can assign each group to a specific expert in your team, and you can also have the capability to write notes about each client. This can give a more significant and instant insight when you are online with that client. Activity logs are generated automatically to record the progress and issues along the way. You can place calls to the clients directly from your WP site. Measure your business growth in real-time.

If these free features aren’t enough, you can opt for the “Pro” package that offers even more and lots of integrations as well. WP ERP Pro features start from $9.99 a month.


HubSpot is a giant when it comes to managing customer relationships. It, too, realizes the potential of WordPress and offers a free plugin. The best thing about HubSpot is its forever free CRM part, where it collects and stores customer’s contact information. Whether your customers reach you through a contact form, an email address, or live chat, it will automatically capture the contact information and store it.

It runs on your WordPress site, but it stores all this information on its own server, which can conveniently be accessed from anywhere. It offers a sleek mobile app and web access.

This is how HubSpot describes its plugin:

“HubSpot’s WordPress plugin allows you to use HubSpot email marketing, CRM, forms, popups, and live chat on your WordPress website. This plugin gives you all the tools you need to grow your business and delight your contacts and customers.”

Pricing for HubSpot’s CRM and Sales starts from $45 per month and goes all the way up to $1440 per month. I would say this is for a larger setup.


Honorable mentions – CRM solutions for WordPress

WordPress is an ocean, and it has countless solutions. Here are a few honorable mentions which you can check out and decide for yourself.

  • WP CRM – 100% Free
  • Web-to-Lead for Salesforce – $25 per user per month
  • WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager – $90 one-time cost
  • vCita CRM – Pricing starts at $19 per month

This is an honest review of all the CRMs we could test. GeekBee is not associated with any plugin or service. We believe in a better, stronger, and affordable WordPress for all. Check out our packages to get you started.