The 5 Best YouTube Channels for WordPress Fans

Quite literally there is everything on YouTube from Pre-School to even Ph.D. level courses. You can not only learn stuff related to school but DIY’s, how to troubleshoot an appliance, and even learning about WordPress.

Our subjective 5 Best YouTube Channels for WordPress geeks

If someone hasn’t done this already, I am sure that day isn’t far when we will see a report with a person stating that he or she got all their education from YouTube. Quite literally there is everything on YouTube from Pre-School to even Ph.D. level courses. You can not only learn stuff related to school but DIY’s, how to troubleshoot an appliance, and even learning Web development which includes the world’s most powerful and popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress.

In our quest to find the 5 best YouTube channels for WordPress fans we came across countless channels and content that is worth its weight in Gold (figuratively, of course). Let’s dig in and in no particular order, these are some of the best YouTube channels to learn about everything related to WordPress.

Kaycinho The Digital Alchemist:

The first time I visited his channel and I saw his Intro video I thought to myself that this is the guy I was looking for because, to be honest, I know how to build a WordPress website but how to build a great site, is something different. Here on Kaycinho, you will find everything from stuff suited for beginners to others made for seasoned developers who come here to find inspiration.

His playlists are awesome, however, I think that due to the lots and lots of information he has to offer, these playlists aren’t in great order so you will need to organize those for you, trust me that’s a good thing. You can learn in the way you like to; you do not have to follow someone else’s pace.

Here is the WordPress playlist you can follow to learn how to build beautiful and highly optimized WordPress websites.

Joe Casabona

Joe is an awesome guy. Personally, I like the way how he addresses the viewers and keeps them involved. Most of his tutorials are based on his personal experiences and that’s what makes things interesting. He’s never reading from a script and I like that, I am sure you will love it too. Below I am going to list two of his playlists that I am sure you will benefit from as a beginner and intermediate level WordPress developer.

At the time of writing this in the above list, you will find about 40 videos that take you from step 1 on how to create a WordPress website all the way to embedding Gravity Forms and dealing with frequent error codes that you will encounter as a novice developer. These videos are enough to help you build a working and attractive WordPress site.

The second playlist is about WordPress updates. Here Joe talks about what’s new in WordPress, the core updates and everything else. You can learn how to enable Auto Updates for themes and plugins and some other new features as well.

Website Tool Tester

This is another nice YouTube channel and the best thing about this channel is that it is user friendly. Although it has very few videos specifically regarding WordPress installation and primary usage, I believe that’s more than enough to get you going. It is a multi-lingual channel so if you are a Dutch speaker, you can benefit a lot from this channel in your own native language as well. Below is the playlist I was talking about earlier to get you started on your WordPress journey.

WP Beginner

This is a giant when it comes to learning WordPress and everything related to it. Although having lots of information at hand is seemingly a good thing, it can be quite overwhelming too. Well, that’s where their long list of playlists comes to the rescue. I would recommend starting with the following playlist which currently (at the time of writing this) has 114 videos covering WordPress basics only. Try it, and I am sure you will be mastering WordPress in no time. From how to build your first site to fixing issues with URLs and media optimization to Search Engine Optimization there is everything you could ever need. I once paid $80 to my hosting provider to fix an issue and later I found a video about that on their website and YouTube channel.


This is big, I mean it. It has almost everything about WooCommerce. Let’s face it, the second biggest use of WordPress on the World Wide Web nowadays is using it for eCommerce and WooCommerce is the primary plugin for that. WooCommerce itself is enough to run any type of eCommerce store, however, if you want to put on all the bells and whistles that you can think of, you can most definitely find a plugin for that. LearnWoo has covered the usage of most of the use scenarios for WooCommerce and its accompanying plugins paid and free.

Once you have mastered WordPress, head on to this channel and start building the store of your dreams or one for your client. They have a playlist for WordPress learning as well. Below is where you can learn what is WooCommerce, as well as how to configure and use it properly.

These recommended channels are just the tip of the iceberg. YouTube is an ocean of knowledge and I am sure if you take the time, you will find even more.

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As we mentioned before these are shared in no particular order, each channel is excellent in its own way, follow the one you like the most.