3 Reasons Web and Email Hosting Are Better Apart

GeekBee WordPress hosting suggests to seperate your web and email hosting due to security reasons.

You receive two emails, two newsletters, or two offers in your inbox. Both are 100% the same. Both offering the same information and offers. Which one are you going to trust, get in touch with or make a purchase from? The one that came from the most professional-looking email address. In our scenario, let’s say the website is GeekBee.com; you got one from beehive@gmail.com, and the other one is beehive@geekbee.com; which one of the two looks more legit? Let me answer this question for you; the one that has the same email domain as the primary domain. Anyone can make a Gmail or Hotmail address, and anyone can design a newsletter that will look like the one from GeekBee.com but at the same time that “anyone” could be using “phishing” or “spamming” techniques to obtain your information.

As a webmaster, store owner, blog owner, you need to instill confidence in your visitors, customers, and readers. Send them emails from addresses that match your own domain name that no one else can get their hands on to mislead them.

Now that we have established both the importance and significance of having emails using the exact domains as the website itself, let’s see how we can manage those addresses. If you have a large following, a large email list, or you constantly receive a lot of emails, you need to have an email client that can handle everything we just mentioned.

It should be able to handle spam, queries, large volumes and at the same time offer integration with CRM systems as well. We have two major solutions available to accomplish managing emails.

  1. Use the same Web host to manage your emails. It usually uses solutions offered by cPanel.
  2. Use a dedicated Email Hosting service that will let you use your private email addresses.

In this article, we are listing the three main reasons you should keep your domain hosting apart from your email processor.

Reason 1: Hosting Resources; they are scarce and valuable:

When you opt to use the same host to manage your website and your emails, you are essentially splitting the resources you purchased between serving your web content to your visitors and handling the load of emails.

When it comes to hosting your website, you want your server to be lightning fast. According to Google’s guidelines, page load times are a search engine ranking factor, plus it is also essential to retain visitors. If your website takes longer than just 3 seconds, you risk losing your visitors.

If you put an extra load of email processing on the same server, you are clearly heading towards overloading your server and eventually slowing down your website/webpages load times.

Reason 2: No redundancy – You will go dark completely:

Although newer WordPress hosting services, especially if you are using GeekBee to host your website, you are guaranteed close to a 100% uptime, we all know with machines and technologies, failures are inevitable. In such a rare case, when your website server goes down, so will your email server as well. Your customers trying to reach you will have a difficult time even locating you and knowing what’s going on with your business. You won’t be able to get in touch with them either, nor will you be able to communicate the problems your website is facing.

Every business manager knows that uncertainty leads to a sure loss of a sure customer.


Reason 3: Lack of hosting tools and functionality:

A web host is designed and purposefully built to host your website and process its requirements perfectly. Although it can handle sending and receiving emails, it is incapable of offering anything else. An email client is not just about sending or receiving emails. You need it for other tasks that are closely related to emails. You need powerful spam protection, but at the same time, you need intelligence that can understand spam from valuable emails.

Similarly, you need to be able to use your email client to differentiate between support requests, questions and queries, and sales-related emails. Additionally, you need your email host to be able to assign emails to the correct correspondent.

Technical emails should go to technical staff, billing related to the billing and finance department, and more. Having this much intelligence requires not just the functionality being defined into the host but also the processing power as well.

You do not want to overburden your web host with all the processing power required by an email server. If you want to keep your website live, fast, and available, these three reasons should be enough to convince you to invest in a separate email host, one that is specifically built to handle emails.

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