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What Are The Differences Between Shared And Cloud WordPress Hosting?

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In the past, webmasters of small-scale business WordPress websites had only one affordable option to host their websites, physical shared resources hosting. Although it worked and would at times turn out to be slow and even dead, that was the only option. Now you have a second option that is still affordable but offers much more reliability and redundancy – the cloud-based WordPress web hosting.

Let us consider an analogy for a minute. Whenever you are building your factory or opening a physical store, besides many other factors, you take into account the access to your spot; whether that is to bring in inventory for your store or crude material for the factory. Similarly, when a city decides to find a spot for emergency services, they consider a spot with multiple routes reaching and departing from it.

If you have a high traffic website then it’s recommended to use a scalable WordPress hosting because You need redundancy to ensure you are not limited or affected by a single breakdown, construction work, parade, or traffic jam. Similarly, when it comes to hosting your website, you need to consider the redundancies being in place if, for any reason, one path breaks down, your customers and visitors can still reach you and your business.

Shared WordPress hostings are cheap but…

Most small-scale websites opt for shared physical hosting because they are cheap. A hosting provider can load any number of shared websites on a single physical server and let the hardware share its resources among all websites. However, if a single website malfunction, or receive an unexpected traffic every site hosted on that server will get affected.

Not (As) Secure:

Although every service provider does their best to protect your website, however a user (webmaster) error can lead to vulnerabilities. Like if a single site owner uses weak passwords or installs malware on their website, a hacker can gain access to their site and subsequently the physical server it is hosted on; they can then exploit it to gain access to all other websites. So, the security of your website on a physically shared server is as secure as the weakest “password” on that server.

Physical damage can cause all the sites to go down at once:

This is a scary situation where any physical damage to the server will bring down all the websites hosted on that server. This can be because of an electric surge, electricity cuts, or a tech spilling his coffee on the server; you know accidents happen. While there are backups, and the company will try to bring your site back to life as soon as possible, it will go dark for the time it takes to extract and load on a new or backup server. If you were making any changes during that blackout, all your changes would be lost as well.

Cloud-based WordPress hosting servers are often better:

Whatever good was offered by Shared Physical Servers is offered by the Cloud Servers, and these are better than those dinosaurs – pun intended!

  • First of all, cloud servers are more secure than physical servers.saas pros cons
  • Secondly, if a single site is hogging more resources, it won’t affect other sites sharing the same cloud-based server.
  • Your website can easily and quickly move between servers as needed.
  • Services like GeekBee offer need-based resource allocation. This means if you get more traffic than usual, you will be moved to a higher tier, with more resources, automatically, and your website will keep performing at its best. This is how you can scale your WordPress website basically.
  • You do not need to keep paying for resources of a higher tier based on the fact that you may need them one day. Just invest in a hosting plan like GeekBee and pay only for more resources if you ever need them, and if you don’t, you won’t get charged.
  • A cloud-based scaled site, as explained in the analogy above, can have multiple access routes. If one medium breaks down, your site will automatically present itself to your visitors from another spot.
  • A cloud-hosted website can have multiple clones on different cloud servers; thus, the one nearest to the visitors will service them, eliminating the need for investing in CDNs.

Cloud is the key to scalable WordPress hosting. This is why GeekBee WordPress hosting is scalable.

So, the next time your website gets under the spotlight because an influencer mentions your website or you are in the news, or you are running an Ad campaign; rest assured that your Cloud WordPress Hosting can handle the traffic spike and help you stay online and as fast as ever to service your visitors and boost your sales or conversions.

What about GeekBee? – GeekBee Helps Scaling WordPress for high traffic


Well, Geekbee is scalable WordPress hosting and also a special hybrid case since we use the cloud for storing MYSQL instances and VPS’s for storing the files.

We provide excellent security, WordPress scaling, and speed while keeping price tags at a reasonable level.

We are the sweet spot for agencies and WordPress website owners who want to shift away from shared hosting solutions yet don’t want to pay a fortune for dedicated servers.

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