Beginner’s Guide on how to maintain your WordPress site

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Keep on reading because we made this WordPress Maintenance checklist for you to tell you some tips that will surely help you out! – It’s essential to do some maintenance on your WordPress website to keep it healthy and long-lasting. Checking on your website from time to time also helps you to detect problems early and fix them in time. Proper website maintenance is often overlooked by website owners, even though it is one of the most important aspects of a website’s success.

All WordPress websites require a certain level of maintenance to keep them safe and running well. While this sometimes requires a lot of work on the part of the administrator, it’s not a complicated process if you know exactly what, how, and when to do it. Even though it may seem like a daunting task, don’t fall into despair! It’s worth breaking these tasks down by how often they need to be done. 

First and most importantly, PLAN IT:

  • Weekly maintenance tasks,
  • Monthly maintenance tasks,
  • Annual WordPress website maintenance tasks.

Think about your WordPress website like a car. If you treat it well, it runs well and does what you want. However, if you neglect maintenance, problems can accumulate. And if you really procrastinate, your website could grind to a halt just like a car. WordPress is constantly changing. New features come out, They fix some bugs, troubleshoot some security issues as they are discovered. The same applies to all plugins or WordPress plugins.

Your website itself is constantly changing. For example, one day you upload some new content or change the main theme, the next day you’re trying out a new feature. Clearly, they all change your website, so when you develop there is always a little risk that something will go wrong. This is where a WordPress maintenance checklist can help you, it’s essential to ensure that your WordPress website is updated. This is how it will run smoothly and securely.

Therefore, follow that checklist below and let us know if we showed you something you slipped through earlier.

I suggest you check on your website on a daily basis and set a notification that alerts you whenever the site goes dark for any reason.

Some Weekly WordPress maintenance tasks:

  • Click through the menu to make sure everything is clickable and works fine.
  • Moderate the comments
  • Create a backup, just in case. 
  • Update your WordPress and plugins. You can read more about the recent WordPress update HERE.
  • Test your services, forms, payment functionalities
  • Check your Google Search Console options and error messages

About Monthly WordPress maintenance checklist:

  • Run performance tests like Google Pagespeed insight, Webpagetest, GTmetrix, Pingdom
  • Check on your Google Analytics account and analyze your website traffic, look for traffic spikes or low traffic dates. 
  • Run a security analysis on your website
  • Optimize your database 
  • Check for broken links or 404 errors, there are some good plugins for that!
  • Check your backups
  • Change your WordPress Password – A generated, 16 characters long password is ideal.

Lastly, Annual WordPress Maintenance tasks:

  • Check your SEO score and optimize it for the best possible result.
  • Check your plugins.

Oh, and one more thing! Consider whether you need a new hosting or not. There are plenty of reasons why you might need new hosting. For instance, awful google scores no matter what you do. High loading times, lack of security, missing backups, lack of customer support, not working plugins and themes and so on…


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