PHP plugins for WordPress websites

Php plugins for WordPress websites

What is PHP?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language, which means it puts almost no load on the client-side. WordPress is a versatile content management system that outperforms every other major platform in terms of functionality and customization. PHP-based plugins are an excellent choice when it comes to keeping your website performing. At top speeds and offering much complicated but valuable functionality.

This article is all about the best  plugins for WordPress websites. There are tens of thousands of plugins helping make WordPress websites more flexible, easy to use, and even easier to design.

Let’s dig in and see the top plugins you can use to utilize the full power of the latest PHP version 7.4 and above. Also, stick around till the end; we will reveal the best scalable WordPress hosting – a web hosting that increases your website’s resources when needed and goes back to original when the traffic surge goes back to usual.


Although WordPress started as a blogging platform, at present, it is the top eCommerce platform worldwide. WooCommerce adds eCommerce functionality to any WordPress website. WooCommerce is made by the same company that manages and releases WordPress.

Right out of the box, it offers enough resources for a store owner to sell anything online. It comes equipped with Shipping, Taxes, and Payment gateways integration. WooCommerce payments is the latest solution offered by Automattic®, the WordPress parent company. As a PHP plugin for WordPress websites, it executes on the server-side, which makes it extremely secure.

Additionally, there are thousands of other plugins that enhance the features of WooCommerce. From a mega store to a single product landing page with built-in checkout. You can sell anything on WooCommerce any way you want. You will find (almost) unlimited themes that can transform your eCommerce business into something beautiful and unique, and you can get all this done with little to no experience, or you can hire an expert and enhance your store even more. With WordPress WooCommerce, you are not bound by any limitations, unlike other paid competitors like Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix.

Yoast SEO:

Search engine optimization is an absolute necessity. If you wish to be discovered and get free traffic, you should spend more time, more resources, and even more money on SEO. With ever-changing search engines algorithms and what is allowed and to what is an acceptable practice to what is shady and what could get you banned, it is extremely difficult to comply and excel at it. However, with WordPress, you do not need to worry about those parameters at all.

The best SEO plugin for WordPress websites is Yoast SEO. It take care of everything necessary to perfectly optimize your website. You will be crushing your competition in no time, and soon you will be on the top of every Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With regular plugin updates, the experts at Yoast take into account all the best practices. Some more proven to be effective techniques that ensure your WordPress website is up to the mark and that every search engine has all the information it needs to rank your entire website better.

Since WordPress is novice user friendly, Yoast SEO has checklists on every page, product, or post that you add to your website. It can dynamically test your content and recommend necessary steps to ensure your content is not only in compliance with search engines requirements but give your content an edge over others as well.

WordPress Importer:

It is an excellent PHP-based plugin that can import content from one WordPress site to the other. Whether you need to transfer content from one website to another, or from one staging site to the live site, or you need to import the demo content for a theme, this plugin can do it all. At this time, we should emphasize WordPress’s capability to allow its user to create staging content or an entire staging site before making it live. You can use WordPress importer after you have created a new site design on your local computer. All you need to do is use the “Export” function on your local computer and the “Import” function on your live site. All the design customization of the new site will be applied to your existing website.

An Important Note:

Since PHP-based plugins all run on the server-side and throughout this educational article. We emphasized the advantage of this feature. It is equally important to realize the capabilities of your host server.

WordPress is as stable, versatile, and powerful as the server resources it has at its disposal. As a website owner, you may think you need a certain number of resources, but suddenly one of your products goes viral, and your site is bombarded with a lot more buyers than your server can handle. In such a scenario where your sales can go through the roof, your conventional fixed resources server will fail, and your customers will leave without completing the purchase. Luckily GeekBee is a dynamically scalable WordPress hosting. This newer hosting solution will allocate as many resources as your website needs on those busy days and make sure you can sell to all those precious customers coming your way.

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