How to check server uptime

Knowing if your server is performing as it should is an important thing. You should keep an eye on it. However, it is not physically possible to manually monitor the Uptime of a server 24/7/365. To provide excellent service, you need to be aware and know is this site down? There are several “website down checkers.” In today’s article, we will explore easy ways how to check server uptime. Additionally, we will also discuss what the uptime guarantee means. Let’s dig in and define what server uptime is?


What is server uptime?

            Server uptime is the measure of a server’s performance over a period of time. The time a server remains on, accessible, and functioning is the server uptime. However, from a webmaster’s point of view, the most important aspect of server uptime is the time it remains available to visitors.

A server may be “On,” and it may perform adequately when tested over the local network, but it may not be the case on the Internet. If a web server is not accessible over the Internet by the website of mobile App users, it is a serious problem.

Usually, this type of factor is called “Availability.” As the name suggests, it is the measure of the server’s resources available to its intended users. However, availability and server uptime are used interchangeably, and from a website and a mobile app, owner Uptime refers to availability only.


Server Uptime Monitoring Tools:

The focus of this article is to monitor a webserver. One that hosts your website or a mobile app, or both. If you wish to monitor the performance of your windows-based network server, “Task Manager” is the easiest tool to use.



If you are running a WordPress-based website, you are in luck. The free resources offered by Jetpack can monitor your website. Once enabled, one of the many Jetpack servers will start monitoring your server. It can detect any anomaly and send you an email if your website isn’t loading or ends up showing an error. It is set to check the status of your web server every 5 minutes. A 5-minute delay in every querykonyvtaram means Jetpack will not overburden your server.

By default, this option is turned off. You need to turn it on to start monitoring your server status. It is an excellent option where you do not need to check your site status manually. This is the only free resource that can actively monitor your site 24/7. Other free “Is this site down” services will check your server every 30 minutes.

Service Uptime:

It is an uptime monitoring company that can monitor any website. You do not need to add a code to the website you wish to monitor. They offer both paid and free services. With a free service, your server can be checked every 30 or 60 minutes. If you opt for a paid plan, you can check your server from 5 to 1 minute. Service Uptime, unlike Jetpack, is not meant just for WordPress sites. Whether you opt for a paid or free plan, you have access to worldwide servers that you can use to test your server.


Site 24×7:

That’s an excellent website down checker resource. Site 24×7 is a service dedicated to checking every aspect of a web server. It also offers a free resource, which like others, is manual. Their paid service to see “is this site down” and many other aspects of a server start at $9 per month. However, a full-fledge 30-days trial can help you decide if it is right for you or not. The best thing about their free trial is that you do not have to provide your credit card details. It is a win-win for you whether you like it or not.


Down Detector:

Downdetector is a community-driven service. People from all over the world can report the problems they are facing. Whether someone isn’t able to access Google, Facebook, or your website can report it here. It can also scan tweets to aggregate data.

If you wish to know the status of your webserver not performing at par in any corner of the world, this is an excellent tool to use. However, unless your website is super popular, you may not find any information here. You can request to add your site to it.


What is the meaning of the 99.xxxx uptime guarantee?

Whenever you purchase a web hosting account, the host gives you an uptime guarantee. This guarantee can be anywhere from 99% to 99.999%. The first thing you should know is that this uptime guarantee is for a whole year and not 24 hours.

According to TechTarget:


  • 99% uptime guarantee you agree to 3 days, 15 hours, and 40 minutes of downtime in a calendar year.
  • 9% means a downtime of 8 hours and 46 minutes annually.
  • 99% is agreeing to a downtime of 52 minutes and 36 seconds a year.
  • 999% is 5 minutes and 15 seconds of downtime in a whole year, which is a great deal.

Depending on the type of website you run, even downtime of 5 minutes can result in a significant loss in revenue and customer satisfaction.


The biggest cause and remedy of server downtime:

One of the biggest causes of a downtime is the availability of server resources during a traffic spike. Assume a product or service on your site goes viral. You will get unusually more traffic. This means more than “purchased” resources will be needed to handle the spike. An ordinary server will simply shut down. You will lose your chance to succeed. You will lose sales and reputation both.

Now that we know the leading cause of server downtime, what could be the solution? Solution one is to buy a higher tier, VPS, or a dedicated server. Solution two is to switch to GeekBee. GeekBee is a scalable WordPress hosting and a WordPress agency hosting.

It is a new breed of WordPress hosting that can increase server resources as and when needed. You pay for the higher and more resources that you need and w

hen you need them. Therefore, when spike flatlines or drops, your routine server resources are restored. You are charged only for the time extra resources were allotted to you, and as soon as your requirements are back to the usual, you aren’t charged anything extra.

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