Why should you switch to high availability WordPress hosting?

High availability WordPress hosting is a type of WordPress hosting designed to ensure availability for your website during a much higher demand and heavier traffic. This type of hosting is perfect for businesses that rely on their website to be online at all times.

  1. High availability WordPress hosting is a type of high-availability web hosting specifically designed for busy, more popular, and high competition websites.
  2. The high availability WordPress hosting ensures availability for your site by using multiple servers to share the load, which means you will never experience downtime.
  3. This type of WordPress hosting is perfect for businesses that rely on their website to be online at all times, no matter how many or how frequently server resources are consumed.
  4. Many people think high-availability WordPress hosting costs more than other types of web hosts, but it doesn’t have to be this way because there are some companies out there that offer affordable high-availability WordPress hosting packages.
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Why is it necessary to have a high availability WordPress hosting?

If you own or manage a WordPress-based website, a blog, or an eCommerce store, your website’s speed and 100% uptime are extremely important. Your visitors expect not only fast-loading pages but a smoother experience as well. The more popularity your website gains, the more load it will exert on the server, and more resources will be needed to keep up with the demand. At the same time, the competition will also grow, and other sites will find ways to either undermine your website or offer better service than you.

The one thing a better web hosting can set you apart from others is by keeping up with the demand. High demand can result in performance issues, high server load, and potential downtime. High availability WordPress hosting is the best way to solve this issue because it guarantees excellent uptime of your site. It also offers high speed, so even though you will need more hardware than shared hosting, you will still get faster load times than other types of hosting.

Staying online during your annual sale or any notable event and still being able to provide an excellent and secure user experience is the key to gaining customer confidence.

How does a high availability WordPress hosting keep up with the demand?

An excellent hosting provider will have several redundancies in place and better hardware to ensure your website’s availability. This includes:


When it comes to protecting and ensuring the flow of information, data, or traffic, redundancy is the best way to go about it. Redundancy involves having an extra of everything, which is crucial to high availability WordPress hosting, including servers, bandwidth, power supplies, and hardware components.

Multiple web server nodes:

Nodes are self-contained servers with their own resources, such as a hard drive and memory. If one node fails or underperforms, the other nodes will take over. If one web server fails, high availability hosting itself can keep your website up and running with no downtime.

Multiple network paths:

Having more than one path or route to ensure high availability is essential for high-availability WordPress hosting. Network traffic should be able to switch automatically if the primary path fails due to any reason, such as a broken cable or faulty network card.

Multiple power sources:

This is one of the most common ways to ensure uninterrupted hosting, which is why it should be factored into your budget. Having two power supplies that kick in automatically when needed will prevent any single point of failure and keep your website online.

Load balancing:

Load balancing is the process of directing traffic to single or multiple servers depending on current server loads. This means that if one WordPress web server has a heavier load than the other, the traffic will be directed only to the WordPress web server with less load so it can handle more users. Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that data is served to the visitors from a server that is closest to them; this way, one main or central server is not often overloaded.

Resources on Demand:

As a popular website, your website is often bombarded with more than usual heavy traffic in chunks. Like at a product launch, during a campaign, or at certain hours. In such a scenario, you should find a Webhosting service that can not only handle your high average demand but an unusually high demand as well.

GeekBee.com for your resource-hungry WordPress website:

One such hosting that is capable of handling all the demands of your website, blog, or eCommerce store is GeekBee. It offers redundancy, multiple web server nodes, multiple network paths, multiple power sources like backup generators, and load balancing. The performance of your WordPress website will be top-notch with GeekBee WordPress hosting because it’s equipped with SSD drives that make WordPress sites 4x faster than HDD storage. Your WordPress site will also be highly available with up to 10X better durability than HDD storage.

GeekBee WordPress hosting also gives you several on-demand resources so your WordPress website can easily handle unplanned traffic spikes. Apart from this, GeekBee WordPress hosting offers WordPress-optimized Nginx servers combined with Varnish Cache technology which makes all WordPress sites served faster than ever before. This WordPress hosting ensures that your WordPress site always has the resources it needs, and WordPress site errors will be a thing of the past.

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