Best Webserver for High Traffic websites

When you’re looking for high-traffic hosting, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. One significant difference between the needs and requirements in this situation versus someone who is just starting with their website or blog is that you want performance (and reliability!) which can vary depending upon what kind/size site(s) your business has available, while their main concern may be just finding an affordable package. This article is all about the best web server for high traffic websites using WordPress as their platform.

“When we say best, we mean the best value for money, best in terms of performance, best in terms of reliability. We are not necessarily saying best per se because all the web hosting companies are exceptional when it comes to their services.”

Designing a website is one thing but launching it successfully on the Internet is another challenge altogether. A website is basically a software program, and it needs to be hosted on computers or servers so that it can run around the clock smoothly. In our opinion, the best web servers for high traffic websites are Kinsta, GeekBee, WpEngine, and Bluehost.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting:

Kinsta WordPress Hosting is definitely one of the best web servers for high traffic websites. They offer high-end performance and caching solutions that are perfect for larger sites. Their hosting plans come with unlimited visits, bandwidth, and storage, so you never have to worry about your site going down. Plus, their customer support is top-notch and always available to help you with any issue you may have.

Kinsta Exclusive features for High-Traffic sites:

Kinsta is a fully-featured hosting service with features such as built-in CDN and 99.9% uptime that will impress even the most demanding customer! Kinsta doesn’t just offer great performance; they give you complete control over your site’s visibility on search engines through their powerful analytics dashboard – all backed up by an SLA, so there are no worries about reaching out for support if something goes wrong or needs attention quickly. The Resource on-demand WordPress Hosting Provider: is one of the very few WordPress hosting providers that can allocate extra resources to any WordPress website that needs extra resources. For instance, a post on your website goes viral, and suddenly you start receiving traffic you were never prepared to get. When it comes to hosting high-traffic websites, is unrivaled. They managed to address the most critical issues with WordPress high traffic websites: web performance and scalability. This platform lets you access more resources whenever your site needs them.

GeekBee Exclusive features for High-Traffic sites: has the best features for high-traffic sites such as:

  • Unlimited number of visitors and bandwidth
  • Cloud CDN with built-in caching
  • Software, support, and server-level caching
  • A Mini-Cloud Cluster to handle large amounts using Geo load balancing and Memcache clustering
  • One-click SSL for best SEO ranking
  • Highly scalable, cloud platform

GeekBee offers complete control management and can add or remove resources when your site needs them in just a few clicks. Geo Load Balancing distributes visitors across multiple servers to avoid downtime and keep your site up when traffic increases. Their best feature for high-traffic sites is the best load balancer in the market today. has the best high traffic WordPress hosting services with their dedicated team of professionals who have a lot of experience in this field and know what is necessary to offer a reliable service allowing you steady business growth.

WpEngine WordPress Hosting Plans for High-Traffic Sites:

WpEngine WordPress Hosting is best for high-traffic websites because of its amazing features such as:

  • Scalable cloud hosting with rock-solid security
  • Automatic backups, malware scans, and updates
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space and no limits on traffic or plugins
  • WordPress version upgrades and access to WP experts.

WpEngine Exclusive features for High-Traffic sites:

WpEngine offers the best WordPress high traffic hosting services through its best technical support, uptime, and security. This platform is best suited to handle high amounts of traffic because it’s fully scalable and provides an excellent infrastructure due to its cloud technology. It also includes a CDN for scalability and faster loading speed.

WpEngine uses a cache plugin to boost the performance of your site. Their load balancer is best for high-traffic websites that need high uptime and extra security. This platform also offers full-stack support that includes a WordPress expert with each plan, best code level security, with extraordinary infrastructure.

Bluehost for high traffic websites:

To handle the most demanding, trendy, and high-traffic websites, Bluehost is second to none. This hosting provider offers the best WordPress high traffic hosting services through excellent technical support, outstanding uptime, security, and exceptional customer service.

Bluehost Exclusive features for High-Traffic sites:

Bluehost is one of the best high traffic WordPress hosting providers because it offers excellent support, automatic backups, malware removals, and free site builders with each plan. It provides WordPress version upgrades, free site transfer services, and the best infrastructure through cloud technology. Their platform also offers the best security for high traffic websites with SSL encryption. These are all necessary features that you need if your existing hosting provider cannot offer the resources your site demands and you need to switch to another hosting provider such as


The demands of high traffic sites are different than the other ordinary sites. They require a lot more resources both in terms of processing power and bandwidth. So, the best WordPress high traffic hosting services should be able to ensure performance and speed even during peak hours and should have solid security to protect your website and data. GeekBee offers the best high traffic web hosting for WordPress sites due to its flexible infrastructure that can quickly scale up or down when necessary. It also includes automated backups, malware removal, real-time monitoring, etc., to guarantee the security of your site. All these features are essential for high traffic websites because reliability is equally important when it comes to website traffic and uptime.